Tunnels through Downtown


After breakfast we took a “short” cut through a never ending system of tunnels through town.


Le Pipila

After that we took a HUGE hike on a cliff like thing to see La PIpila, a very famous statue on cliff like structure with an incredible view. There, our inner tourists showed as we took tons of pictures and bought colorful bracelets and trinkets. 

Shop till we drop

Then we were free to explore, shop, and see even more of the colorful city of Guanajuato. And after hours of shopping at many fun little stores we returned home to the hotel and played a big fun game of spoons. Then made our way to our rooms and said goodnight, after a very interactive day. Looking forward to just as much of a adventurous day tomorrow.IMG_7460

Ice Cream then… Dinner?

IMG_7462Then we all ventured back down the steep cliff side and treated ourselves to some Mexican ice cream. I got mango and it was absolutely delicious! We kind of spoiled our dinner a little bit because after that we went to eat our last meal of the day at Casa Ophelia, where I got the most beautiful and tasty salad I’ve ever seen, with a rose on it and everything. And to finish it up we had some awesome flan!

Foro Indudacion

IMG_7380We finally got to our destination at the CIEE Orientation building, or main building in Guanajuato, called Foro Indudacion. There we got to really know each other and ask and answer questions that you wouldn’t necessarily think of to ask someone you’re first meeting. After lot’s of team bonding and fun activities we were all pretty hungry.


IMG_7389Something were all getting used to is that here in Mexico, lunch or almuerzo is the biggest meal of the day. I still need time to adjust to this because I’m used to dinner being a big meal, when here it’s a very light meal. For my first course I got Sopa del Dia, which is a tomato soup with wheat penne pasta, however the tomato broth is very light. So for someone who doesn’t necessarily like tomatoes I really enjoyed it. Then I got (to me, VERY spicy) cheese enchiladas, and with that I tried a papaya juice drink, which was good but very sweet. And lastly, we had some kind of a light chocolate cake with sliced almonds on top.